The Warrior Monk

Hero is the one who fights within himself. The hero traces an initiatory path, facing his own shadows in order to reach a goal, which is never a material object, as the object to conquer  or the place to reach … Read More »

Draco Daatson’s Book (the beginning pt. 2)

Initially – Victoria Ignis went on explaining – Draco Daatson began his personal journey in complete isolation. He had been a military man up until that moment of his life, but he decided to give up glory, women and power … Read More »

Draco Daatson’s Book (the beginning)

Draco Daatson’s Book doesn’t exist in any written form. Every word by him pronounced has been passed on orally, from mouth to ear for many centuries. His warrior monks used to memorize them and then meditate on their meaning. Today … Read More »

How to to stop reincarnating on Earth

Millions long for immortality who don’t know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Susan Ertz, Anger in the Sky At a conference, I once talked about a New Age neurosis: victims begin wishing not to come back … Read More »

Masks Unveiled pt. 1

The first time I met Victoria Ignis, in the mid ‘90s, I was about 25 years old and was making a living as a warehouse worker for a big food company. For a while, I was an effective barcode in … Read More »

How do I gain unconditional happiness?

‘How do I gain unconditional happiness?’ This is the ultimate question. Whatever question we pose, we really want an answer to that one. We think we are looking for a new job, a partner, more money, a hobby, but it’s … Read More »

Examples of how we can work on ourselves

  First example: at work, they tell us some people must be laid off, so we might lose our “safe job” in a  few months. The HR Manager suggests that we start looking for another job. Second example: our love … Read More »