A Complaint Free World, Zero Limits, and the Subconscious

Two of the books I often warmly recommend are Zero Limits by Joe Vitale and A Complaint Free World by Will Bowen. Why?
Our daily lives are not created by our conscious mind, rather by our subconscious.
The subconscious is the master and lord that materialises our events, regardless what our conscious mind wants. The latter barely affects the creation of our reality (no more than 5%).
The Law of Attraction is not triggered by our conscious mind, but by all the psychological mechanisms and beliefs that have been lying in our subconscious since our childhood, conditioning the rest of our lives. The results are:
I want to be in love but something inside me doesn’t allow it.
I want to be rich but something inside me doesn’t allow it.
I want to be successful but something inside me doesn’t allow it.
I want to be confident in public speaking but something inside me doesn’t allow it. 
My shadows prevail. But when, at the restaurant, I choose what to eat, I use my 5% conscious ability to affect reality… convincing myself that I possess Free Will.
The logical consequence of this matter, would be that it’s incorrect to claim that reality is influenced by our conscious thinking, because it’s actually created by those deep beliefs WE OFTEN ARE NOT AWARE OF, that thickened in our subconscious along the years, together with related negative emotions.
So, if I want to change the external reality, I have to go and act on my subconscious, I have to DESCEND INTO HELL, into my crystallized past where my shadows live; shadows that I thought to be dead but are actually still waiting for me in the dark, to give me a message!
Every HERO at some point of his initiation journey, must descend into Hell, in the world of shadows. The essence of the alchemic practice – aiming to transform the limiting beliefs and negative emotions collected in the subconscious –  lies in OBSERVING these emotions, concerns, complaints, and judgments… every time they surface. If we expose them to the Sun of our observation, with time they will burn down. 
It is not a case that Hercules, in the Hydra’s myth, kills the monster by exposing it to the Sun-light, the light of awareness. What hides in the subconscious, has a power on us only as long as it stays in the dark, but when it’s light up by observation, its power will start weakening and it will end soon.
I completed my journey this way: observing, observing, observing. When the concern, annoyance, or excruciating pain showed… I didn’t blame the external world and didn’t try to mentally understand the meaning of that pain. I simply retired in my room or in the office toilet and I STOOD ON THE EMOTION, in touch with it, sending love to my inner Lead and thanking for the opportunity. I didn’t reject pain, rather I showered it with love. In the end, I won.
Today there are new methods to facilitate the journey. Will Bowen, in his book A COMPLAINT FREE WORLD talks about his idea of a bracelet that, every time you catch yourself complaining, gossiping or criticizing, you move to the other arm, so you can become aware of all your judgments and complaints and eradicate them.
If I stop complaining I stop manifesting situations to complain about!!!
Joe Vitale, in his book ZERO LIMITS, shares some expressions that the Hawaiian Doctor  Ihaleakala Hew Len taught him, and whose aim is to cleanse the subconscious, even when you don’t know exactly what you need to cleanse. If you are severely annoyed by someone… it means there is always something to cleanse. I assure you that these words (see “Ho’Oponopono”) work and act directly on the Heart, activating a process of true transmutation.
Keep up the good work!