At McDonald’s with friends

What is stroke of genius… or intuition? The ability to capture, in an intuitive istant, an aspect of reality that most of people still ignore.
I recall a curious episode – that occurred in a French town some years ago – that a friend of mine who works and lives in Lyon told me.  
This event occurred in a McDonald’s restaurant in the suburbs of Lyon. Apparently, some customers weren’t that graceful, and some some teenagers’ gangs who used to eat there, loved to express their overflowing (and psychotic) vitality – shouting, damaging the furniture, insulting other customers, and violently fighting with each other over girls. 
The restaurant’s manager, after realizing how ineffective the police intervention was, and after finding out, with disappointment, that possessing and using flame throwers was against the law, had a stroke of genius.   
One day, the same gangs, hungry and overflowing with sexual energy, had a terrifying surprise, something they could have never even imagined in their worst nightmares: not bouncers (already hired by the manager in the past), not the police, but a threatening, soft classical music melody playing was there waiting for them.     
After the initial dismay, our heroes tried to ignore the change and stay. But they quickly realized that it was not the same: the atmosphere was not anymore like that of a Guy Ritchie’s film, but it was now so boring that they were not able to be arrogant anymore, and they got annoyed. Then they looked around and noticed that all the other customers looked, more or less, at ease; so they started shouting: “this shitty place is like a funeral”, and left.
They tried to go back for a few days more, because it’s known (or so should be) that packs take a while to get used to change and find new solutions. In the following weeks, they kept meeting outside the restaturant but never got in, because they couldn’t figure out where to go.
But the manager was a warrior monk, he could wait, patiently, he knew (maybe subconsciously) how the Resonance law works.
Until one day they stopped going.
Many months later two or three of them went back. They started eating there again, but they were changed. They had left the pack, and classical music didn’t annoy them anymore.
This is a great example of intuitive action that implies the concepts of “resonance”, “evolutonary stage” and “verticality”.
This event shows the importance to spread these concepts around our society, so that episodes like this one, with a vertical rather than orizontal solution is chosen, become more common and widespread.
In the future this will become a regular way of thinking: VERTICAL solution will be the first people will think about.
This episode sums up the whole philosophy of the Work on the self: do not contrast orizontally, but step up to a higher level and act from there to change reality.
Drown the enemy in Beauty rather than trying to get rid of him.
Turn the Earth into an unbereable place for Evil to exist, rather than trying to eradicate it.
This principle works in politics too: it’s not wise to contrast the rival party using the same weapons and moving on the same level. Shouting haphazardly to oppose other people’s ideas and looking for scandals to humiliate them… it may seem strange to you… but this is not true politics!
The shift has to be VERTICAL. It’s about reaching level of intelligence that your opponents can’t reach… and victory will smile on you without the need to fire.