I Only Live in The NOW

Nothing has ever made me so happy, nor will ever do, like living in this unique, once-off instant, sitting on this chair typing on the computer’s keyboard.

This is the only moment that’s ever existed; this is the only moment that will ever exist. Nothing before, nothing after.

There is only me, a Son of the Moment, who enjoys this Eternity, limitless, and yet fully focused in one moment. There is only me and only Now.

This state of consciousness is the solution to every practical problem and every philosophical dilemma.
I live only in the moment, without worrying about the poast or the future. The present moment expands to infinity and absorbes both past and future, erasing them.

How do you reach this state of consciousness? First of all, we observe that the awareness of time flow doesn’t require time, but it’s beyond time. In other words, once we are aware that the time flows, it means there is an immovable part of us that is not affected by it. Therefore, if I remember to observe the time flow, I automatically get out of the time and I observe it from the outside.

We cannot observe a river flowing if we are flowing in the river ourselves.

When your vibrations are low, it will look like things happen faster, and they will be out of control. So you might do everything you can to try to “chase time” and control it. But it’s a non-runner: you’ll always have less time at work, less time for your relationship, less time to do the shopping… You will feel like you’re prey of a spinning world. But the problem is not within time, it’s within your very low vibrations. This should comfort you.

The higher are your vibrations, the more you will feel like things happen slowly, until you feel completely at ease and able to control everything, without anxiety. Do you remember what happens to Neo in Matrix, when he’s able to dodge the bullets? He can do it because he sees them coming slowly. The speed of an event depends on the state of consciousness we observe it from, not on the event itself.

But how do you reach the vibrational frequency that leads you outside the messy time flow? The more love we have inside, the stronger our vibrations will be, until we’ll be less and less affected by the “grip of time” and the impossibility to control things.

Love is the key. We have to observe the present moment and at the same time make an effort (because at the beginning a big effort is needed) to accept and love everything that happens instant by instant in our life: in the workplace, in our relationships, when we are driving in the traffic jam…

Have you got an idea about how beautiful it is typing on this keyboard without thinking about anything else… because there is nothing else… because you don’t perceive the “weight of future” anymore, the worry about “what should I do later”? Suddenly everything runs slower and there is time to do everything you want to do.

Love for this moment, embraced exactly as it is, stands above any worry about the future.