Judgment, Illness and Magic

Modern human beings believe that their continuous judgments, after all, don’t harm anyone or, in the worst case scenario, only harm those who are being judged and criticised, but not themselves. They are wrong.

In everyday’s chat, but especially on the web, you can find a collection of accusations, criticism, and harsh judgments… about anything and anyone… at the pub, at the hairdresser, even on the cookery and film websites. It seems like we have forgotten the ancient knowledge that everything we express through our emotions and thoughts affects us first.

When we judge someone or criticize what they do, our mind sends out a specific vibration that spreads through our mind-body apparatus. Our cells, molecules, and atoms will arrange according to that vibration. Our DNA changes according to our current vibrations (please refer to Bruce H. Lipton’s books such as Spontaneous Evolution; The Biology of Belief; The Wisdom of your Cells).

Latest, extarordinary, discoveries demonstrated that if I change my DNA, the surroundings change too. This means that, according to our most recurrent vibration, we attract a matching reality. This is a concept that’s been in Esotericism for thousands of years.

So, if I am criticising someone, this vibration of mine will manifest other situations in which I will find more people to criticise and I will be criticised too. The vibration of judgment – being disharmonic (see Masaru Emoto studies) – will negatively affect my emotional, physical, and mental bodies, altering their ground. This is the source of psychological problems and it can also lead to physical illnesses.

If I embrace all that happens and I commit to build something that’s really mine, rather than criticising other people’s behaviour, I keep myself healthy. If, during the day – rather than criticising celebrities or my neighbours – I give thanks because I can take a hot shower, because I can buy food, because I have a car, because I live in a warm home, because I am healthy enough to walk on my feet, because I have children… I will automatically radiate gratitude and will be surrounded by other peoples’ gratitude.

This is Magic. The Supreme Art. Each one of us is a magician that can choose to use White or Black Magic. Those who judge and criticise are hurting themselves. Sooner or later they will fall ill.

If I see Beauty around me and I thank for it, my vibrations will automatically harmonise and my life will start improving: I will meet nice people, I will encounter good opportunities, I will find a job I like, I will earn more money…

We are not talking about sci-fi, nor about highly esoteric/traditional/occult teachings. I have experienced it and I know hundreds of people that experience it too. It starts by being grateful for little things… and after a while we realize that we are a different person, surrounded by a world that’s also totally different from the one we knew before.

Magic is the Art of changing our inner vibrations so that they will manifest a satisfying reality. The true “magician” is not the one who does astral travels or mind-reading, but he’s simply a HAPPY person, and he/she became happy by continuously being grateful for what he/she has.