The End of Slavery

The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it. 

Morpheus (from the film “Matrix”, 1999)

Maybe there was a misunderstanding. Actually… there surely was.

Right now it’s not YOU who are reading. It’s not you who go to the supermarket, it’s not you who choose a dish over another, it’s not you who fall in love, it’s not you who chose what book to read, it’s not you who talk to your friends, your children or your parents, it’s not you who speaks about spirituality, the  soul, or God, it’s not you who has ideas about how you are or should be, and it’s not you who is doing a work on yourselves.

What you have inside – those two entities they call personality or ego – decide on your behalf. Whatever THE VOICE IN YOUR HEAD says, it’s not you who are saying it.

If you don’t see the true source and seriousness of the issue first-hand, you can’t hope to break free.

You can’t break free from an economical system built to keep you in poverty, you can’t break free from the political or religious system, because they operate on your subconscious in a subliminal way, regardless you are rich, apolitical, or believe your are not believers.

Your childish ways to resist the System are created and allowed by the System.

The System breeds and it’s successful because you are rich soil, thanks to the two entities that reside in you and make you a puppet. The ideas on education, health, politics, and money that the System spread…  hook vibrationally to our mental and emotional bodies.

Until you have become something different and higher than the two entities, you cannot – by definition – break free from the System, even if you move to a desert island and live on your dad’s money.

The System does not influence  your mind. The System IS your mind. Politics, medicine, education, money… are just external holographic projections of the two demons inside you. The social System lives on greed and fear, that forms the self-centered  mind. If you don’t win inside, you can’t win outside. If you try to win outside, right when you do, you automatically get into resonance with the Matrix’s frequencies and work for keeping it alive. You are sucked by  the Matrix. No thought or action can be of true rebellion. You can’t free the mind, but you can break free from the mind. When you are finally free from the mind, then every thought and action become expressions of your freedom and enhance other people’s freedom… whatever job you do.

Remember: only a slave fights to break free from his/her master!

And when you fight, you are reaffirming to yourself that you are the slave and someone else is the master. You brainwash yourself.

The class struggle in the outside world always gives more energy to the System, because it reaffirms its power.

Numbers confirm this: from the Egyptian times until today, going through the ’68, the numbers of slaves has been increasing, not decreasing. The offices full of computers  – with human beings as organic extension of the machines – are the new cotton plantations.

Indeed the Matrix is a perfect System and those who invented it are geniuses, more than the “geniuses” coming out from our universities.

Even when you start an awakening journey and pay attention to your inner demons, you should never do it with a spirit of fight and rebellion, because they would get stronger and the System with them. The WITNESS does not fight, but wins by observing with VIGILANT ATTENTION what the two entities do. The thoughts of the  mind can be swept away by Presence, but emotions must be fully lived – always in a state of Presence – until they automatically enter the Heart. And if the Presence is solid, sooner or later they do this passage.

[So to speak: at first that states of Presence beyond the mind comes and goes. When you are chatting with someone, one moment you are fully present, almost like the other is speaking inside yourself, and one moment you are absent, and your eyes turn empty again. Sometimes you manage to be Present for hours or days, sometimes for few minutes. These continuous passages usually cause periods of confusion and low reliability of behavior. You don’t have enough time to get used to how it feels like to stay there, because you’re quickly back, confused.

 With time, you’re almost always present except when you sleep into identification with some negative emotion. Then the state of presence becomes more and more constant…

Often, the first experience of true Presence – usually enhanced by states of acute pain – lasts few days, deceiving us, because we believe we acquired it once and for all. It happened to me too. But afterwards we get disappointed as it reduces and fades away, reappearing from time to time. Please note that these are subjective experiences so they may differ from person to person.]

What you must generate is an extra-ordinary Will (Gurdjieff’s super-effort) in order to stay vigilant as much as possible, but not a fight against someone or something.

Jesus said: ‘Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour.’

So your words and actions will come straight from your Higher Self and not from the ego governed by the System. AWARE PRESENCE in the here-and-now frees you from the vibrational frequency coming from the emotional and mental bodies… and therefore from the System. You break the connection between you and the System’s signal.

THE WITNESS, the state of pure Presence, is literally made of Will, so Presence and Will are just two sides of the same coin. Ego cannot produce true Will, but can only produce desire, and this drives and maintains the ordinary man’s actions.

The relationship between YOU and the two entities can also be defined as ENCHANTMENT. You’re literally enchanted by the activities of the mind, like a snake by the flute sound, you lose yourself in it, you slip in the mental dream, in a daze because of the unstoppable flow of those thoughts (that are not yours) on the consciousness screen, like never-ending closing credits in a film.