Awakening and the Fear of Daring

Try to imagine yourself in 150-200 years from now.

I know, it’s not a question you’re asked everyday; yet it’s a paramount question. If you can, just discard any mediocre “terrestrial” answer such as, “Well… damn… what a question… I’ll be three feet under. Definitely not a nice view.”

And listen to your inner self.

What will be left of you? Will it all just end in dust? If this is so, what’s the point of struggling all these years? If you still find the strenght to fight in the material world it’s because, deep down, you know it doesn’t end all up here and that you’ll still be around in 120 years.

Finally, in 120 years you’ll be able to understand what really mattered today. Maybe your salary, car, and mobile’s value will be downsized. Maybe you’ll feel like a fool for all your doubts, fears, worries, and hesitations… maybe you’ll realise the nonsense of fighting, getting mad, drowning in self-pity, and not to be forgiving because of your pride…

A (brilliant) research, that was done some years ago, about hospitals for terminally-ill patients, showed that these dying people’s biggest regret was not to be daring enough… because they feared the judgement of their beloved ones and other people.

Among these patients, there were people who spent a lifetime with a partner they didn’t love, just because of the fear of upsetting their relatives; people who regretted they didn’t confess their love when they were young; people who regretted to have chosen work over family, missing important moments with their children.

Basically, when you’re dying, you get things into perspective and everything that once seemed important or even essential for your happiness, automatically gets downsized. Our values change when we’re not afraid of losing our job, our money, or our reputation anymore. Interesting.

Your actions are so affected by the fear of what you can lose if you go upstream. But what do you really have to lose?
Are you giving up on a new love, a new job, your dream… because you believe you still have something to lose. Because you’re scared to lose money, family, friends. You fear people’s judgement. Well, this is what you’ll regret when you’ll be dying!

Now imagine yourself in 150 years time from now. You don’t have a salary, a partner, a home, or a car… nothing, not even a body. Everything’s gone. It was inevitable. And now you already know that. The only thing that’s left is the joy for a life lived to the fullest, the joy you get when you fight with your Heart and you feel like a hero, or the regret that you weren’t brave enough to dare… that time.

The fear that your reputation – meaning your ego’s weakness – is at risk, pushes your spirit into misery.

I’m telling you all this because, in the coming years, there will be a lot of need for heroes and warriors. You can’t change the world by asking for authorisation. You have to stand still, even in the storm. But the inner Fire that makes you untamable, cannot be fabricated just because someone convinced you. You feel it naturally flowing at the first Call.

I want to leave you with some words by Victoria Ignis (from The Book of Draco Daatson – The Liberation, not yet available):

Do not crawl in the philosophy of survival. Work for making humankind better. Set big goals, bigger than yourself, so that in order to reach them you have to elevate yourself.

On your last day here, you will judge the success of your life based on what you gave  and not on what you received. You’ll be remembered by those you gave to, not by those you took from. This thought will warm your heart on your last hour. I give everything, and the more I give, the more I get. So when I have given all myself, the whole world will be mine.