Negative Emotions

You cannot complete the Work without enlightenment, patience and the heart to wait; because without patience you cannot enter this Art. What actions and struggle aren’t worth going through for this Higher and rewarding Science? When you plant and sow, dont you wait for the fruit to be ready? So why do you expect the fruit of this Art to mature quickly?
Turba Philosophorum

It’s now known to everybody that, other than working on self-remembrance, the “alchemic operator” has to transmute his negative emotions too. 
I restate that, in our alchemic workshop, we want to fabricate a “vehicle for the soul”, which is accompanied by the transfer-of people’s awareness centre-from the mind to the Heart (called by G.I. Gurdjieff and P.D. Ouspensky the Higher Centre). 
Mind is the organ used by the machine (personality/ego) to perceive things, whilst the soul perceives through the Heart. In order to operate the change, we have to use self-remembrance and the negative emotions of the machine as tools. Anger, envy, jealousy, discouragement, feeling undeserving, fear, anxiety, stress… these emotions are the material we can use to fabricate the new bodies. This is the purpose of Alchemy. But we can only succeed if we really WANT TO change.
When we’re offended by someone or when we’re worried, scared, anxious, or bothered about something, that is the moment to remind ourselves that what’s happening is not real. Obviously we can’t have evidence; at the beginning these words will not make much sense and they may clash with what we’re experiencing (and that looks wrong and unfair) but it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that, each time:
-we are present (self-remembrance);
-we are aware that we are not our thoughts;      
-we keep repeating that we’re 100 percent responsible for that situation;
-we keep repeating that we are suffering because of our closed Heart and not because of the outer reality. 

When we try to manage thoughts and emotions, prayer (refer to The Lost Mode of Prayer by Gregg Braden) or ho’oponopono (refer to Zero Limits by Joe Vitale) can be very useful tools.

This way, not only we distract our mind from intrusive negative thinking, but we also cleanse our subconscious. Prayer and ho’oponopono (which is a prayer itself) indiscriminately cleanse our unconscious conditionings and the cleansing happens even if we don’t consciously know what blocks are being cleansed and where they come from.
At least, we have to give it a possibility, the possibility that, maybe, when we see something as wrong we’re not looking properly: people are not doing us wrong and are not mad at us. Just giving it a chance, keeping the door open,  avoiding falling into desperation and into the “right or wrong trap” it’s enough. This attitude is called FAITH.
Until we’re convinced that unwanted external events are the cause of our suffering, we can’t get out of the pain. This is like putting all our energy, everyday, into keeping up our jail’s bars!