I am an Artist, not a Master

This article is for those who don’t know me, but only see me as a face or a name on the web.
The main aspect of my work is to break our old mind patterns. And this work of demolition of what’s old can only be achieved by an artist… because a spiritual master usually creates around himself, accidentally, a movement of people that fixate on his teachings, thus creating new entrapping mind schemes. 
Even when the teachings are totally libertarian and, by nature, not conditioning (like Tao or Zen), if those who receive the teachings haven’t interiorised this freedom yet, they will inevitably turn what they learn into another mental dogma.
I am a writer. I live and behave as a writer, but because I am an artist that specializes in Alchemy and personal development, I often get mixed up with a master (by those who clearly don’t know what a master is) even though I’ve never introduced myself as a master. So some people admire me as a master, and othersaccuse me of acting as one.
In this regard, I remember something that happened to me a years ago, when an old lady and her niece came to Turin to interview me. The lady ran an association that published a house organ magazine; this magazine was extremely catholic-oriented and the lady was going around (her words) 

“exposing this era’s false prophets”. 
“If you are one of them, I will prove it”, she told me fiercely.
“I am not a master, neither true or false”, I answered.
And she kept going: “I’ve already exposed several self-styled masters”.
And I went again: “But I’ve never called myself a master, so there is nothing to expose”.
Then I picked up a copy of my book Awakening and read page 14: “I am not a master and never had one. […]
You don’t have to care about whether I’m master or not, but only about whether my teachings are useful to you or not. […]
If what I say is useful to you stay, otherwise just leave. […]”
Then I told her: “See, it’s not that I put masters on a pedestal and I don’t feel worthy of being associated to them; I am just not interested. You just needed to read 14 pages of a book of mine, to understand how far from me is the idea of believing myself a spiritual master; you didn’t need to come here”. 
And the lady said: “I think you lie: you are not a master!”
This episode can look funny if you imagine the old lady continuing her never-ending crusade, careless that I wasn’t introducing myself as a master at all. But I can assure you that this projection’s mechanism is common among people, regardless the age you have in the records.
Both admirers and haters show their strong need of a master to refer to.
It doesn’t matter, on a psychological level, if they need him to follow him or to attack him.
They scrutinise the “master’s” teachings in order to find the contradiction, in order to catch him… and to experience an orgasm that apparently they are not able to experience in other ways. Bacause if you want to discredit someone, you have to follow them properly, at times even more than their admirers do.
They accuse me of being rude to my public. And it’s true, because I am an artist.
They accuse of being inconsistent and contradictory: one day I write one thing, and the following day I write another. And it’s true, because I am an artist. 
They accuse me of not being totally aligned with traditional Alchemy. And it’s true, because I am an artist.
They accuse me of talking about every topic, without distinction: Alchemy, the New Testament, aliens, conspiracy theories. And it’s true, because I am an artist.  

Some years ago, during a conference in Tuscany, they accused me of not being a true Advaita master; and once a self-styled association for modern alchemists accused me of not being a true Alchemy initiate. I told them that I’m just a writer, I bring magic in people’s life, I invent, I transform, I make people dream, so I talk about anything I want and to whoever I want. One day I may talk about the New Testament messages, and the day after I work as a personal development consultant, but I’ve never been a spiritual guru.       
Sooner or later, even an association studying abduction will accuse me of being a false abducted.
Enlightenment? Before we talk about it we should agree on what is it and if it’s the same for everybody. Are we talking about “enlightenment” according to what teaching? Golden Dawn, Advaita Vedanta, Fourth Way, Buddhism? Osho, Jesus, Tolle, Crowley, Gurdjieff… did they all experience the same thing, or was it different for each one of them? They are certainly extraordinary men, we should all learn a lot from them, so is it really so relevant to understand which one of them is “enlightened” and which one isn’t? 
I am an artist, so if I act funny I  take pride in it.
I am an artist, so if I am looking at the centre of your chest, it’s not because I am trying to activate your Heart chakra, but because I like your breasts. 
I am an artist, so if I earn good money with my job, I am proud of it.
I want to show young people that it’s possible to make a living by following your passion, freely, and that you don’t need to be poor to be a full-time artist.
I am an artist, so if I sleep around I am not ashamed, but I am proud of it. And even in this field, I aspire to be of example.
An artist can take pride in everything a spiritual master should be ashamed of!
Imagine Picasso… womanizer, rich, food and wine lover. If he had called himself a spiritual master, his life would have been ruined!
Many people who attended my courses agree that my conferences areperformances, not just intellectual or satsang-style speeches with the enlightened master speaking and the disciples listening.
After one of my conferences about the New Testament, a woman took me aside and told me: “It wasn’t just a conference on Jesus, for a moment I felt like I was back in time with him.”
Not everybody likes my style. Those who are looking for a master that acts like a master never come twice to my conferences. The same applies to those intellectual speakers who take a stand against the Church’s misdeeds or the historical proofs that Jesus really existed. I am not a scholar, therefore, regardless the topic, my aim is to make people dream, make them “think with their Heart”, and not to give scientific evidence or occult esoteric information. If you were looking for a spiritual master in Salvatore Brizzi, you’ve got the wrong address, city, nation, continent, and planet.
“In the near future, the role of the master will be repalced by the group (as I wrote in my book Awakening). Evolution will happen in groups, and not only in a master/disciple context. Within a group there still will be some people that will be more open minded and able to teach more, and some other people that will have to learn more, but anyway the role of the guru wearing a white long beard and an idiotic smile will disappear.”
Meditate, you people, meditate.
(Yes, feel free to meditate, because I never liked meditation… and I’m not ashamed… because I’m an artist, not a master).