The Prison of The Heart

All humanity’s Thought-Forms that, along the millenniums and Eras, increasingly moved towards selfishness and survival, have created artificial entities on the astral and mental levels that today are like powerful “black gods” dominating their own creators.  

As eplained in my book The Magician’s DoorHe who holds up the Solar System needed men to produce FOOD, meaning energy, that’s useful for His evolution (His evolutionary plan). But men, in their condition of sleepers, are not able to produce the high quality of energy that the Creator needs and instead produce low quality energy with a slow vibration, that feeds diabolic entities. In order to serve the purpose of He who holds us up, people should open their Hearts, so their vibration would be high enough to feed the angels, who work for Him. Men who live unconsciously and produce negative emotions are instead used like farm pigs by diabolic entities and, since they die unconsciously, their conscience fades away.
On the contrary, people who spend their life working on themselves to awake, are able to create an energy that serves a purpose bigger than them and unimaginable to them. Plus, when you work on yourself, you will be able to access a new level of conscience, the Self, that will allow you to live joyfully and lovingly, consciously surviving the death of the mind-body apparatus. Men are food like any other creature, but they’re the only creature that can choose WHO they want to feed and get a reward.

Like it’s shown in the film “Matrix”, we’re kind of “cultivated” in our endless third-dimensional field by fourth-dimensional entities that we attracted/created under the Law of Attraction. It doesn’t really matter where these entities come from, if not to fulfil the curiosity of new ageists, because they both come from the fourth dimension.
Our ideas about the world and our behavioral schemes are carefully planned so that we keep produce this precious food: negative emotions such as fear, pain, poverty, scarcity. 
Our social, political, and religous models have the only purpose to force human beings to produce low quality vibrations feeding entitis on the astral and mental planes. This is the prison of the Heart.
But if we created them… we can neutralise them too… they know this and they fear it.
Masses can’t help but adhere to the mass thought-forms, but individuals can  work on awakening through Esotericism. Individuals have to become DIFFERENT, whole bordeline I
INDIVIDUALS who are not anymore identified with the mass.
If your ideas on love, relationships, money, work, respect, honesty, friendship, and betrayal still depend on your childhood conditioning… you are still mass, and in reality you like to be. 
In order to win these forces and to break our old schemes we have to escape the prison by moving to a plane they cannot access: the Kingdom of Heaven. In the New Testament, Jesus often talks about the importance for his disciples – true Warriors of the Spirit sent here to spread His message of freedom and immortality – to develop the ability to shoo demons away.
Opening the Heart (the Lapis Philosophorum) allows you to 
enter the Kingdom of Heaven, by entering the dimension of SUPERIOR EMOTIONS, an aspect that Gurdjieff believed to be a necessary step – after PRESENCE  – that’s necessary to build the “glory body”, which is the immortal soul.

You can imagine your Heart with invisible tentacles exploring the souls of the people we interact with. At some point, the Heart becomes a “physical” reality with subtle senses that allow us to FEEL the same way we hear and touch with our other senses.   
When your Heart is open, you can feel all the warmth in the world around us. You are never alone, you feel whole, abundant, rich, and full of love for everybody and everyone. 
Those with an open Heart always feel supported by Life – no matter where they are or what they are doing – as if they were always bathing in Safety. 
As a consequence, those with an open Heart are not affected by collective thought-forms anymore, becuse they move HIGH UP, where such “obscure forces” are powerless.
Those with an open Heart stop being food for “black divinities” and start attracting angels instead. Angels too feed on them but, rather than give them back pain and poverty, donate more Serenity and Prosperity.
These people enter a VIRTUOUS CIRCLE leading to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Results of an open Heart are:  

To live Prosperity in recession
To live Safety in uncertainty
To live unconditional Love rather than jelousy
To live Belonging rather than possess
To live Serenity in a period of terrorism
To Play when everybody else is serious

That’s how demons are defeated without fighting.