We Literally Create Our Reality (clarifications on the Law of Attraction)

The following post is a transcript from one of Salvatore Brizzi’s conferences, and it clarifies very well why some times “it seems that the LOA doesn’t work”:

People think, ‘Well, I didn’t want lose money! I wanted to win the lottery!’ And so on.
Yet you have created exactly what you wanted.
Of course, it was at a subconscious level, that’s why people don’t realise they’re creating their own reality.
The more I expand my conscience from the psychophysical body to Oneness, the more I increase my ability to create my reality consciously. Eventually I’ll I reach 100% identification with Oneness.
When I get there, I will be 100% capable to create my reality as I want it; but when I reach that point, I don’t really care anymore.
When I am Oneness, everything that happens to me is what I want and what I need, so it becomes useless trying to “create my reality OUTSIDE”; it’s useless to say, ‘I want a new car’, focusing on it, repeating mantras and doing processes in order to manifest it”.
The previous step is realising that I MANIFESTED AND WANTED JUST THE CAR THAT I HAVE NOW. When I realise that I’M CREATING ALL THE THINGS I HAVE NOW, when I realise that, moment after moment, I’m creating everything (my partner, my job, my car) that I have NOW, then I can become an alchemist and create my future as I want it to be.
When I reach that state of consciousness I can create (consciously) my future. But we usually try to put the cart before the horse, saying, ‘I hate this job, I want a new one!’
That’s why, apparently, books, even good books,  don’t work.
First, I have to realise that I AM the creator of the reality I am living NOW, then I’ll see worry about the future.
But usually, we don’t like our job, our partner, or our bank account, and we want to create something different.
But if I don’t realise that my current bank account is LITERALLY MY OWN CREATION, that I wanted it – because maybe having a poor bank account is something I need for my evolution – if I don’t realise this, it means that I’m not the creator of my reality, and if I’m not the creator, how can I expect to create the next step and improve my situation?
Do you understand this is a tricky mind-issue?
Only if I don’t complain about my current reality, it means that I realise I’ve created it; if I complain, it means I’m not realising it, and if I’m not realising that I’m creating it all, then I won’t even be able to create all the rest.
To me is so obvious, but you can’t imagine how many people fall in the mind trap… then they read law of attraction books and say, ‘The Secret doesn’t work, I’m not manifesting anything I want!’.
Well, but your first have to REALISE, NOT on a mind level but on a spiritual one, deep inside, that you’re creating everything you have NOW.
Because doing a scientific test, or understanding there is Oneness on a philosophical level it’s different than realising that, if someone on the street insults me, I wanted it (because for some reason I need that to realise certain things or to grow)… That’s creating your own reality: it means that I wanted (on a subconscious level) to become ill, that I wanted to lose my job.
Creating our reality literally means CREATING it. Instead, we think there is someone outside that make things happen, we are idolatrous and superstitious people, with the only difference that we blame the world instead of God, and we think the world makes things happen for us, i.e. around the corner there may be a guy who will attack us, and so on.
Isn’t this being an idolatrous person? Believing that the world outside is God? Either YOU are the creator or SOMEONE ELSE is, and if it’s someone else then it must be the world. So the world can decide if today you will be happy or miserable: i.e. if someone steals my wallet today I will be sad; if a nice girl/guy pays me a compliment then I will be happy.
This is worshipping the world: I believe it’s OUT there and I’m a servant. It’s like when, in Medieval times, people were subject to God: today God will decide if giving me joy or sorrow. Well, nowadays we give the same power to the world, believing it’s outside of our conscience. But WE literally create the world. It’s our nervous system that creates shapes and colours, and these are all things proven by science. It’s our brain that creates sounds, colours, etc. Nobody knows what there is really outside, there is nothing there, it’s all inside us, THINGS DON’T HAPPEN TO US, THEY HAPPEN INSIDE US.
We need to think upside down, otherwise any research or study will result useless. It will be useless  to even practice esotericism or new age…first of all, I have to REALISE what’s the cause and what’s the effect, because until I believe that outside there are things that I am not creating, I will live in the illusion of duality.
How can I reach Oneness if I keep thinking that there is an external creator? You see that I’m creating an obstacle. How can I reach Oneness if I don’t realise that people tell me things because I made them do so? They can only tell me things that I need for my evolution, even when it seems they’re saying the opposite.

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: In this specific conference, when Brizzi talks about the self, using “I” , he doesn’t refer to us as “bodies” but to the soul within us (that is a part of Oneness), who is the “real Self”.
Brizzi always reminds us that we are not our bodies, but rather souls “using” bodies.
Moreover, when he says that “we make” people say/do things, he doesn’t mean that we force them to, but he’s talking from the persperctive of Oneness. From Oneness’ point of view – that is a 360 degrees turn in the usual way to see things – other people only exist inside us, therefore we are always the ones who decide and create the events we experience.