Selling your time

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Money is not what you need to improve your wealth and gain freedom, a new mindset is the key. If you enjoy make a difference by doing what you love, you will achieve much more than if you just focus on making more money. If this is your new mindset, be assured that money will come as a consequence.

The secret to obtain money has nothing to do with chasing it.

Money can never be the goal, but rather the side effect. We cannot set someone free by giving them money, but we can do it if we help them looking at wealth and work in a different way.

Minimum wage is a good way to create a squad of slaves.

People are used to sell their time, but this is a scam by definition, because hours in a day are limited. You can’t work over a certain amount of time, but you can make those hours worthwile.

If you are a craftsman or a consultant devoted to quality, a single hour of yours may be worth $50, $200, or $500 depending on the services you offer.

Plus, salaries are not increasing. Anyway, according to the law of offer and demand, this is inevitable: demand exceeds offer, so it’s worth less. If everybody else accepted to do your job for $1 an hour (and it may happen, sooner or later) you wouldn’t be able to feed yourself. Find a job that others can’t do the way you do it, or you’ll eventually be jobless.

Nowadays the growing Asian economies are bringing a potential workforce of over 2.400 million people, who don’t even need to fly in, but can work online and do your job for a lot less money.

We can’t go back. Your job will be broken into different parts (processes), digitalised, and outsourced. We can’t just go back… but we can move forward. In the next few years, the selection will be extremely tough, but these are the law of nature. If your job can be replaced by  a machine or a computer, sooner or later it will be.

So find your talent, develop it, and offer it creatively, otherwise you’ll be swept away.

The school system is oriented to scarcity. Students are taught to become employees: they must not think, must not take initiative or responsibility, must learn a process and follow it automatically and correctly. Schools bombard students with obsolete information and teaching methods. Each year campuses produce a bunch of future employees to be used in companies. The problem is that now, the whole world produces employees like it does with Genetically Modified Soybean: at low quality and low cost.

Do not let the school system interfere with your education. You must be able to succeed despite school, and not because of it.

Turn your knowledge and your skills into a service for others. If you know how to repair shoes or build a database, you can sell this talent. Find that thing that will make you happy and solve people’s problems too. Ask yourself how you can make others’ life simpler in a specific field… and there will always be a market for you.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Confucius