The Disgraceful CV

Don’t teach your children how to write a CV.
A true leader doesn’t look for a job: he creates it.
Today, young people are taught how to be slave, subordinates, beggars… not leaders.
Schools and universities are not schools for leaders, but for servants.
In my book/DVD entrepreneur, employee, I explain the significant difference between ENTREPRENEUR and EMPLOYEE, because they are two very different levels of consciousness, two opposite attitudes towards life, two ways to perceive the world
Well, schools take for granted that you want to become an employee, with a regular salary, a pension and, above all, no responsibilities. After leaving university – source of PSYCHOLOGICAL EMPLOYEES – young people spend their life begging someone for a job.
Without a DREAM they believe in, they are destined to follow who, instead, has one.
First, she will experience anxiety for not finding a job, or for having to be liked by the interviewer; then she will fear redundancy, or not to be appreciated by her company anymore.
They will teach her how to properly write a CV, like a prostitute wearing make up to attract a client.
Do not teach your children how to write a CV – don’t trample on their dignity – but teach them how to follow a DREAM, how to be passionate about something.
Teach them how to create the NEW, rather than working for a company created by someone else.
Writing a CV according to the rules is like specialising in the art of prostitution. This has become the rule.
Nobody is not surprised anymore that young people don’t have DREAMS and that their life objective is to find a job – and they’re much of a muchness, like clients for prostitutes- as long as the job provides money to spend on Saturday night, or on the Summer holidays.
It’s okay to do a job without creativity, imagination, or fulfillment… as long as at the end of the month I have my salary and I can pay the bills! This is psychological subordination. And it’s not related to how much one earns or what position he has in the company, because there are many politicians, managers and CEOs that are psychological subordinates!
On the other hand there are workers and assistants that are psychological entrepreneurs, but they will soon quit their job to realize their DREAM, to dive into the world, and to be followed rather than follow other people.