Masks Unveiled pt. 2

Masses are given outer, rather than inner, reference points. And it couldn’t be any other way, as masses are unable to look inside themselves; they are extro-verted (= they look outward) by nature. A god, a messiah, money, career, a government, science, even family, they are all outer reference points, misleading reassurances. Masses can’t hear their inner voices yet. They can only mentally believe in something, they can entrust others to guide them, but they can’t feel the Power of their own Being yet. Look, I mean no offense, I’m just describing the masses traits, so you can make a choice. Only a few individuals – a few thousands in the world – are able to feel the Power, but they need to be found and educated one by one. When a new era, like the current one, approaches, all outer reference points collapse, and masses find themselves at a crossroads: they can chose to begin an inner journey or… to go insane. Some will find their Heart, Power, and inner sovereignty. Many won’t. Social chaos, plagues, criminality and insanity will be the outcomes.

victoria ignis

That’s what Victoria Ignis told me a few months later. But she wasn’t at the pub that night, she wasn’t in my life yet, so there I was, terrified by my intuition. For several days I was overwhelmed by discouragement, hopelessness, and anger. I felt the pain of existing, of being alive and conscious, of being thrown into the material world against my will. It’s an endless, merciless pain.

That night, I proved myself I was right: I wasn’t the only sick one, others shared the pain of living without a purpose; maybe everybody did. Maybe they silently suffered, in front of the television, while holding their children, while making love, while having fun with friends… but the truth was that pain never left them. The only difference between me and them was that now I was ready: being aware of my condition and true to myself had prepared me for something new. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was ready for the School.

It’s always the School that finds you, not the opposite. All those new ageist aspiring “disciples” who are spasmodically looking for schools and masters around the globe are simply ridiculous. My School was Victoria Ignis, and that was it: no institution, no group, no publication to follow. My School would have turned my view of life upside down, revealing the supreme lie, the ultimate sin: which is believing there is a sovereign outer world.

Centuries ago, a group of lionhearted men – you may call them “warrior monks” – realized that this planet’s a psychological trap and joined forces to escape. Draco Daatson was their leader, and they were living in the darkest medieval times. Draco Daatson – you could also call him Prometheus, who was able to steal fire from the gods – realized that human beings are never other men’s prisoners, and that the prison’s bars are psychological, for they’re our wrong view on life. If we want to have a real chance to escape, we don’t need to physically fight someone, and it’s no use to just overturn a government, but we must become intro-verted (= look inwards) in order to change our psyche. The outer reality will then adapt to our new, inner view.

Draco Daatson and his warriors found out the problem’s root: humanity is imbued with the false belief that our individual conscience only exists within a body, and that outside there’s a separate and real world exposing us to dangers or blessings.

Once the warriors fully realized that, breaking free became just a matter of time. So, by applying a method and helping each other, these pioneering heroes escaped the psychic trap and created several secret Schools to share this unique, essential knowledge: we believe we are separate from the world, whilst the world is inside us and it’s entirely our projection.

[Excerpt from the booklet Alchimia Contemporanea]