Draco Daatson’s Book (the beginning)

Draco Daatson’s Book doesn’t exist in any written form. Every word by him pronounced has been passed on orally, from mouth to ear for many centuries. His warrior monks used to memorize them and then meditate on their meaning. Today this still goes on.
   This is Victoria Ignis’s answer about my question on the existence of Draco Daatson’s Book. Our story begins in the second half of the 90s, at the meeting of this extraordinary woman, my concept of the world was revolutionized, arising a new vision of life. An awake woman, who has never functioned as a “teacher” from my point of view, but has played a key role in my existence, during a critical period when I was about to commit suicide. In fact, she materialized out of nowhere, to remind me of my royalty, what a human being is, and which powers he has. […]

   “Who was Draco Daatson? Has he really existed or does this name only represent a mythical legend, just like Hermes Trismegistus?” I had asked Victoria Ignis one evening, when sitting at a pub in Turin in front of two glasses of wine. […]

   I had started reading on Esotericism in those years, I used to dedicate myself to G.I. Gurdjieff’s “presence” exercises, but I had never heard about Draco Daatson or of the ancient and dreadful Never-Asleep Society’s cult.  
   Draco Daatson was the first. He was the first to foresee that the planet is a jail without bars, a psychologically imprisoning place studied precisely to let people produce energy, that will serve as nutrition for entities living on another level.               In this prison, man is death’s right arm, condemned to perish because still slave of the planet’s physical laws, which completely awake beings can avoid.
   Draco Daatson was the first to realize that the human being is brutally kept in a sleep state, so that he will never notice he’s actually living in a cosmic penitentiary.   Therefore he understood this sleep state’s first principle, the prison’s basis itself: you believe that the surrounding world is something external from your awareness, something from which you feel divided and which you’re convinced you have no power over.                                                                                                                         Basically you fear the world… in every moment of your life… deeply, and you’re afraid to admit it even to yourself.
   The fear of not making it, the fear of what may happen tomorrow, the fear of not being worthy, the fear of what people will say about you… a general and imprecise fear of the world keeps you asleep.
   Draco Daatson was the first to realize that if the prison works thanks to sleep, a human being that will succeed in awaking, becomes free from the prison and its rules.
“In which historic period did he live?”
   It is said that he showed up during the IV century A.D., in the first years of Monasticism, and that he created a group of brave warriors founding the Never-Asleep Society. The sect then became the School through which the principles of awakening still nowadays are transmitted.
   It is said that he has never aged and still lives today, but no one has ever seen him and no one knows anyone who has.
   Who or what Draco Daatson is has no importance… what is important is that you feel his strength inside you. And this is incredibly real.                                                 What do you feel inside you when you hear the name “Draco Daatson”? Does something awaken in your Heart? Don’t you feel an outrageous Fire bursting from your inner being when I write about the Never-Asleep Society? For a few seconds you feel as if you were ready to win the world… don’t you? Everything seems possible. Yes, I recall feeling the same way. Therefore you’ve known them too… you’re one of them… nothing else matters now.

Draco Daatson’s Book is now available online and in US bookstores.