Draco Daatson’s Book (the beginning pt. 2)

Initially – Victoria Ignis went on explaining – Draco Daatson began his personal journey in complete isolation. He had been a military man up until that moment of his life, but he decided to give up glory, women and power to live as a true monk (in Greek monachòs=solitary). After a few years, though, he understood that he would never have accomplished his Mission alone. He was in need of other human beings and everyday life events (inns, wine, women, friends and war), which were essential for his personal evolution.
“The other reveals your shadows and quickens your rise.” This is one of his sayings.
He began researching, therefore, for a group of men and women with whom to live and carry the journey on with, a cenobium (in Greek koinòbion=life in common). This was how he bred the Never-Asleep Society, a maniple of devotees ready to do anything in order to awaken.
“Were they like all the other monks? What did they do? What did they pursue?”
They weren’t exactly like all the other monks. Draco Daatson was a warlord – today he would be called a leader – a military man, not a philosopher or a religious man. A warlord who discovered what was going on on his planet and decided to work to free himself from a sleep phase. It became necessary to him to be surrounded by men and women who, eventually, became invincible and fearful warriors, unable to be afraid, because they’re conscious of being the origin of their own reality.
“A warrior or a warlord who hopes even for just an instant in external assistance, is already doomed.” These were Draco Daatson’s words.

Draco Daatson used to drag the Never-Asleep in the most incredible challenges “because – he declared – only those who no longer fear death can escape. In order to flee one must perish.”

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