The Warrior Monk

Hero is the one who fights within himself.

The hero traces an initiatory path, facing his own shadows in order to reach a goal, which is never a material object, as the object to conquer  or the place to reach are always the metaphor for a inner realization. The hero – the Warrior Monk – knows he must focus on the inside if he wants to achieve any kind of result within the  surrounding environment.

The captain of a ship, who is willing to sink with his own ship, does really possess the psychology of an hero. Nowadays nobody would be willing to do it, as this would be considered as a useless sacrifice. Though it is not so. If you’re the captain of a ship and you do really and deeply feel your ship, your crew and passengers as a part of you, you also know that you are responsible for any kind of event affecting your ship, may this be a storm, a mutiny, a breakdown, a pirate attack… If something affects your ship, then this is a sign that something cracks within yourself. You and your ship are a whole, because the ship cannot but represent its captain’s psychology. The same is to be said for an airplane pilot, for a company or a shop owner, for a school headmaster, for a teacher and his class, for a coach and his team, for a Prime Minister and his Country…

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