Italy Reborn

[This is an excerpt from an article published by Salvatore Brizzi on his Italian website about his book La Rinascita Italica.]

There’s a violent, disembodying movement in effect today, operating under the false guise of “globalization,” which aims at erasing the cultural memory of all the nations on the planet and of its respective people. To be a citizen of the world does not imply surrendering the concept of Motherland. Different people and cultures must thrive in a spirit of collaboration and take the best from one another, not disappear. The wealth of any civilization lies precisely in its culturally diverse make-up. Yet, this invaluable diversity represents the very target, which globalization is seeking to destroy, and the pernicious game of finger-pointing that we witness today lays its foundation on this basic misunderstanding. It labels anyone who would proudly oppose the dissolution of their cultural roots as “right-wing extremist;” it calls me a “racist” for my obstinate perseverance with feeling Italian — or, if you will, a unique individual, whose way of thinking is the percolate of a thousand-year-old history built upon politics and art; it is a violent act against my own identity to demean it in the name of equality, and to reduce it to nothing more than a “tag” without a past and, consequently, without a future.

Conforming to the insidious canon of “reverse racism,” I should have a sense of shame for feeling Italian, for continuing to distinguish myself as such, and for not wanting to vanish within the multi-ethnic, undifferentiated herd in which a human being is at best regarded as a mere bar-code: “We don’t want to know what your culture is, or your color, your roots, as long as you keep buying our products and pay your taxes.” 

The fact that my taste and habits are no longer distinguishable from those of the French, Germans, or Algerians constitutes no evolution. On the contrary, it represents a dour involution because rather than advancing humanity from the current level of the “individual” to that of the “community” — in which everyone would maintain their identity while also contributing to the Common Good — it demotes it to the level of the “common herd,” in which individual identity no longer exists, and decisions are taken by the leader of the pack, an occult government hoisted above nations.

The events and circumstances of your life are merely your own projections. When mindful, you would be able to project Prosperity, Abundance, Victory, Beauty. Be watchful, vigilant, and in a constant state of Gratitude towards life, and you would only project Wellbeing, and a world with neither obstacles nor limits. The moment you discovered inside your very self the key to do this, there would quite literally be no limits as to what you can create. In fact, there exist no real limits as to how much you can obtain from life. Remember that the world has no will of its own. It cannot do anything to you that you subconsciously don’t already want. It’s a docile servant that merely executes orders; it’s just that you have forgotten how to give them. You have forgotten that you are a “wizard!”