Salvatore Brizzi (Turin, Italy, November 11th, 1970) is a spiritual writer and speaker, best known for his Courses of Awakening across Italy.

Like many other famous authors, Brizzi battled with depression (and addiction too) for several years – until the end of the ’90s, when he experienced an inner transformation.

During the years preceding his Awakening, Brizzi started studying philosophy, spirituality, and esotericism, such as the works by physics and philosopher Erwin Schrödinger, physics and systems theoric Fritjof Capra, Carl Jung, and James Hillman.

His spiritual work also helped him overcoming his addiction and devoting himself to an Awakening of Conscience journey.

In his books, he explains that he owes his inner transformation mainly to a woman, Victoria Ignis (nome de plume), who was for him a true Master, like Don Juan Matus for Carlos Castaneda, Socrates for Dan Millman (author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior), or the mysterious Dreamer created by author Stefano d’Anna in The School of Gods.

Victoria Ignis revealed him the ancient teachings of a Wisdom School, lead by legendary warrior Draco Daatson. There is no official, historical evidence about this warrior, but it seems he became a spiritual master and retired on a mountain for three years.

Victoria Ignis put Brizzi through several initiation tests, and introduced him to various spiritual masters and schools.

In 2005, Salvatore Brizzi said: “The moment I stopped looking for it, I found what I was looking for”, and upon Victoria Ignis’s suggestion he published his first book, Officina Alkemica, and started teaching.

There is an anecdote that associates Brizzi with Eckhart Tolle and James Redfield, and it concerns their early writing careers: once their first books were published (Officina Alkemica, The Power of Now, and The Celestine Prophecy, respectively), they all personally distributed their works to the bookshops across their town, but the word of mouth and the growing interest from the public soon made them popular.

In just a few years, Brizzi became (and still is) the bestselling Italian author in the spiritual books category.


His Italian website is Here, you will find all original articles in Italian.

Currently, his books are available in the Italian language.