Psycho-penitentiary breakout handbook

Manual de evasão da psico-penitenciária. Click here for free PDF download.

The Warrior Monk. Click here for free PDF download


Draco Daatson's Book

Draco Daatson’s Book. The Never Asleep Society Revealed

Publisher: Gateways Books & Tapes

This book encompasses Victoria Ignis’s teachings to Salvatore Brizzi.
The described events started to take place when the author was still
learning about spirituality and about working on himself. They met
occasionally during the second half of the 90s. Victoria Ignis passed
on the same teachings which were strictly oral an ancient and
mysterious warrior monk did. He was known as Draco Daatson and
his disciples were part of the Never-Asleep Society. His words
completely revolutionize a common man’s way of living and of
working on himself. Draco Daatson was neither a pacifist nor a
moralist nor an overindulgent guy but he led men and women
to awakening.



La Sacra Sessualità  (Sacred Sexuality)

Publisher: Antipodi Edizioni

This book aims to pass on a vision of sexuality that both belongs to ancient times  and to the future: what was sacred will go back to being sacred. In an extremely original section of the book, Brizzi connects current sex-related problems (impotence, frigidity, etc) with ancient sexual-magic practices from previous incarnations.


Come la pioggia prima di cadere. Appunti di non-dualità (Like rain before it falls.     Notes on non-duality)                                                                                                            

Publisher: Antipodi Edizioni                                                  

How to make the highest traditional teaching clearer? This is the question Brizzi
tried to answer to when he started writing this work, which is a book about an
increasingly loved subject in the spirituality field: non-duality. In a way, this is an
extreme and radical teaching that leaves no room for evolutionary or self-develop-
ment journeys, but it points straight to the root cause of the “spirituality issue”:
you’re already the one you’re looking for… and there’s nothing to be done to achieve it. 


Il Libro di Draco Daatson: Il Regno del Fuoco (The Book of Draco Daatson vol. II: Kingdom of Fire)

In this second book, Salvatore Brizzi continues sharing the legend of Draco 
Daatson, the Never-Asleep Society, and the author's initiation journey that 
lead him to awakening and to enter the Kingdom of Fire.

Publisher: Antipodi Edizioni

guerrieri metroplitane

Guerrieri Metropolitani. La filosofia degli sport da combattimento (Metropolitan Warriors. The philosophy of the fighting arts)                                                     

Publisher: Anima Edizioni

Martial arts are much more than sport. This book aims to gather and train warrior-monks, men and women, to face life as heroes: invincible because willing to let go, immortal because unafraid of death.

il-bambino-e-il-mago-ebookIl Bambino e il Mago. L’iniziazione di un bambino al lato luminoso della magia  – co-authored with Riccardo Geminiani (The Magician and the Child. A child’s initiation to the bright side of magic)

Publisher: Il Punto D’Incontro

The correspondence between a child and a modern magician is a simple and enjoyable introduction to the mysterious world of Esotericism. This is a revolutionary book because it’s the first Esoteric text dedicated both to adults that are working on themselves and their children, that so can be gently and harmlessly introduced to a world that, actually, is already familiar to them.

Il Libro di Draco Daatson vol. I (The Book of Draco Daatson)

Publisher: Antipodi Edizioni

This book collects, for the first time, Victoria Ignis’s – an amazing master and woman – teachings to Salvatore Brizzi at the beginning of his inner journey. They used to meet occasionally during the second half of the ‘90s. The teachings of Victoria Ignis are based on the training (only orally transmitted) that an ancient and mysterious warrior known as Draco Daatson taught to his disciples, the Sleepless Ones.

Risvegliare la macchina biologica per utilizzarla come strumento magico (Awakening the biological machine to use it as a magic tool)

Publisher: Antipodi Edizioni

This is a little, 70 pages pocket book. It’s not about Esotericism or how to reach enlightenment, but about awakening the biological machine (composed by the physical, emotional, and mental bodies) that we have been given. It’s a book about work and it’s for those who feels the need to evolve.. to grow… to overcome human limits. When you blame someone else for what happens to you, you are giving them Power, your Power. You let them make you happy or unhappy. But if someone else can make you happy or miserable, then you are not a free person, you are a servant; and you are condemned to live your life hoping nobody will ever hurt you.

copertina_risveglioRisveglio. Con gli esercizi delle antiche scuole esoteriche (Awakening. With exercises from the ancient Esoteric schools)

Publisher: Anima Edizioni

This is the third volume of the “Trilogy of Transmutation”, together with Officina Alkemica and The Magician’s Door, that Brizzi decided to complete in order to “deliver a complete System of awakening to those who want to become more than a puppet in the hands of society”. This can be also read as an independent book, because it fully explains the Work from a theoretical point of view but, especially, practical. The book is a synthesis of the “Course of Awakening” that Brizzi runs across Italy, and it contains all the related weekly exercises for “self-remembrance”. Every chapter ends with Q&As between the author and the participants. A book to put into practice day after day, until the achievement of a complete self-transformation.

copertina_porta_del_magoLa porta del Mago. La Magia come via di liberazione (The Magician’s Door
Magic as a way to enlightenment)

Publisher: Anima Edizioni

This is for those who are interested in spirituality, esotericism, and transformational psychology. Those who are passionate about Magic, but have never been able to put into practice all the complicated hermetic teachings, will love this book. Salvatore Brizzi in this book he explains what methods we can use to awake our conscience to a new state of being. Magic then becomes a tool to “build up” our soul and reach inner peace.

copertina_officina_alkemicaOfficina Alkemica. L’alchimia come via per la felicità incondizionata (Alchemic Workshop. Alchemy as a way to unconditional happiness)

Publisher: Anima Edizioni

This book presents the alchemic teachings, for the first time, in a clear and simple way, as an effective, personal growth journey accessible to anyone. What were really alchemists looking for? How can contemporary men reach unconditional joy and immortality following the alchemic path? Will we experience, in the future, a “Restoration of the ancient Mysteries” on our planet?

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