The Heart Warriors

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Victor Hugo said that there is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.

The numb conscience of the masses has been pushed, by a culture whose bright moments are long gone, towards a “no matter what” nonviolence philosophy, as opposed to the warmonger philosophy.
The fighter – male or female – is often pigeonholed as someone from the ancient times, that has nothing to do with what’s politically correct today.
Yes… because that repressed anger crawling in the offices and the factories and that’s spreading everywhere in this hypocrite society can only lead to pathological conditions, especially when the fear of the others’ reactions is concealed as respectability and being a do-gooder.
No nation is truly in peace! Because that kind of peace that comes from the fear of harm or from repressed anger is not true peace, it’s just a surrogate that keeps under anesthesia those who haven’t looked into their Heart yet .
Only Warriors can negotiate peace, slaves can’t.
The opposition between a pacifist and a warmonger – like any opposition – has come to an end. You can be a Warrior and have peace inside. Or, to be precise, you can only be a true Warrior when you have peace inside, when the respect of others comes from confrontation, and not from running away.
For this reason, becoming Warriors has only partly to do with learning fighting techniques, and a lot to do with the personal journey in one’s mind, body, and spirit: there you can reach depths of the soul that (today) you wouldn’t expect from physical exercise.
As author Daniele Bolelli wrote, in the book For a Warrior Heart:
Science geniuses that can’t massage a lady. Artists that can’t run around the mountains. Business men that don’t know how to play with their children. Housewives that can’t take up archery.
Yet, revolution has already started: there is a compelling come back of fighting sports among young people and adults. More and more people sign up for tradizional martial arts (karate, aikido, kung fu, jeet kune do) and kick boxing and muay thai (thai-style boxing).
And when things spread, be assured that before them always came an idea. The idea of the Male and Female Warriors – and especially the Warrior Friars – are flashes that have always followed through human evolution and prevented from – or at least delayed until today – humanity’s ultimate enslavement.
Fighing outside to win inside. Doesn’t it ring the bell?
Do you really believe that The Lord of the Rings was just a fantasy? Couldn’t it be a memory of the magic we used to practice and the battles that we fought in Atlantis, when we were still human beings and not just barcodes or office material?
Governments don’t like either artists or warriors, they want to imprison our bodies by manipulating our minds, keeping them away from the flesh and connected to a virtual net, busy producing nothing rather than real things.
But the idea of Male and Female Warriors, that act from the Heart and don’t surrender to Life difficulties, has lived through the Centuries.
People die but ideas keep living and walking through new bodies.